Pigeon River Country book cover

Dale Clarke Franz takes us into a place that exists
mostly on its own terms, a  forest
with three rivers,
elk, bobcats, bear, and other life that
only in remote locations.  

Six contributing authors familiar with the birds, flowers,
trails, streams, wildlife, and forest help give the flavor
of this particular place, enhanced by oral history from
those who settled and changed the land.

Michigan's longest and most visible environmental controversy
oil and gas development has been in the Pigeon River Country.
Other threats have arisen. Franz examines these in the context of
why the outdoors is so appealing to humans, raising the question
of what constitutes our selves as living beings.

Franz explores the issues on many levels from landscape
to microbe, poetry to bird song. You can glimpse the
journey here along two tracks.

The mind track looks at knowing the forest,
understanding its spaces, acting in the forest experience,
and searching for specifics.
The practical track glimpses fishing, hunting, horseback riding, trails, campsites, birds, lakes and streams, and the outdoor experience itself.


The 14 photographs in the book are black and white; color photographs on this website are courtesy of the author.